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personal tax SERVICES

Single Tax Payer

0 dependents

1 W-2


Additional Fees 

Schedule A: $35

Schedule B: $25

Schedule C: $179

HOH Election: $15

EIC Worksheet: $15

Additional W-2's: $10/each

Other Services

Record Organization: $65/Hour

State Tax Returns: $35/State

Estimated Tax Payments: $25/each


Sales Tax Returns: $25/each

Federal W/H (941's): $35/quarter

State W/H: $25/quarter


LLC/LLP Federal Return: $395

S-Corp Federal Return: $495

C-Corp Federal Return: $595

Non-Profit Federal Return: $695


Business Tax Services listed are for returns in which well-organized records are provided to DBS.

In the event record organization is requred, there will be an adjustment on filing fees.



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