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Bookkeeping & Accounting

When it comes to a set of books, they are as unique as your fingerprints. There are so many factors, including past bookkeeping methods and your current bookkeeping program. Therefore, it is safe to say every bookkeeping client has unique needs. DBS is here to help!

We have clients in a wide variety of markets including healthcare, contractors, restaurants, retail, financial, and more! Let us use our expertise to help you keep a good, solid set of books. An accurate set of books can save you thousands come tax time. 

Whether you want help keeping your books organized and prepared for tax purposes, need help analyzing your financials and identifying trends and help with budgeting, or anything in between; we are here to help!


We strive to remain convenient and still affordable with monthly rates starting at only $99 per month!

Our software of choice is QuickBooks Online. We are able to offer discounted monthly rates to our clients, too! We pass our savings along to our clients. Just another way we try to take care of our clients!


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