Below are the services we are able to offer.

Not everyone's needs are the same and we know this.

All services offered are customizable to meet your exact needs.

Please contact us today for a firm price quote for your unique service needs!


DBS has helped thousands of taxpayers to prepare and file various types of returns. There isn't a lot we haven't seen when it comes to tax returns. 

We understand that everyone's tax situations are different. We welcome you to contact either one of our offices if you have specialized questions. 

Please see the "Taxes" tab for more detailed information regarding our tax services and pricing. 


Our payroll services are fully custom to your exact needs and desired outcomes. We can provide any given pay periods. We can print check stock and mail to your payees. We can do direct deposits. 


Whatever your needs, we can assist. All of our payroll services include quarterly filings. General pricing is available on the "Pricing" tab. Please call your local DBS office for a detailed quote today!



When it comes to a set of books, they are as unique as your fingerprints. There are so many factors, including past bookkeeping done in the set of books, along with many other factors. Therefore, it is safe to say every bookkeeping client has unique needs. DBS IS here to help!

We have clients in a wide variety of markets including healthcare, contractors, restaurants, retail, financial, and more! Let us use our expertise to help you keep a good, solid set of books. An accurate set of books can save you thousands come tax time. 

Our bookkeeping services come with a lot of options. We offer a variety of A/R and A/P services to help you keep a handle on things while saving you time and money to operate your business!


Do you have an existing set of books on QuickBooks Online that needs some help? Are you wanting to move your books from an existing program onto QuickBooks Online? Let our QBO Pro Advisor help you today with any QuickBooks Online need you may have. 

Because of being a Pro Advisor for QBO, we are able to purchase subscriptions in bulk from Intiut. This allows us to offer a subscription to your bookkeeping services at very discounted rates.

Contact your local DBS office today for more information!




Whether it is for your family, your business, or simply for you as an individual, it is so very important to have a good budget in place. This allows you to see your goals and see where you need to improve to meet your goals.

We can help you design a budget plan to help you understand where you are spending your money and how you could be more efficient with your hard earned money!

Contact us today for more information!



You have a great idea. You are wanting to go into business for yourself. Where do you begin? What is your first step? These are things we help people with everyday!

Come speak with one of our specialists about your needs and goals. With a little bit of discussion, we can help you decide with formation type is best to suit your needs. 

From there, we will register you with the State and get all the appropriate accounts needed for you to be able to run your business while remaining compliant with all your state and federal obligations.


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